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Random Number Generator

How many numbers to generate? (1-5000):

Minimum value:
Maximum value:

How to use number randomizer?

The Random Number Generator allows you to select the given quantity of numbers in the range specified by the user. You can define if you want the random numbers to be unique (so that they do not repeat themselves), and if you want them to be ordered ascending (from lowest to highest). To run a number generator, just fill in the fields in the above form and click "Generate".

What does RNG mean?

It's an increasingly popular term. It just means the Random Number Generator. This abbreviation is used very often by MMO players when randomness determines a certain result.

How it works

The numbers randomization is based on user input. The number of numbers that the user wants to generate must be in the range 1-5000. Only integer numbers are accepted. If the user enters a number into the form with a value after the period, this number will be rounded (down) anyway. Our fields accept a maximum of 10-digit numbers.

Optionally, users can specify the numbers to be unique (not to repeat themselves) by clicking the "Unique" checkbox. The quantity of the numbers to be generated cannot be less than the maximum value - minimum value + 1 then. Also, you can sort the numbers in ascending order, then the generated numbers will be sorted from the lowest to the highest.

Where can you use a Random Number Generator

You can use it anywhere you want. Our generator is recommended especially for competitions and number draws, although it will also work in many other areas. It's great for simple draws like pick numbers between 1 and 10, and also in much bigger operations.

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